How to Design the Perfect Vacation Rental

We are always on the hunt for amazing properties to showcase! As vacation rental managers, we see a lot of properties, but there are always those that stand out from the rest. A home is special for so many reasons, but decorating a vacation rental for guests can sometimes be a head scratcher. That is why we put together this mini-guide, written to help you explore vacation rental approved decor ideas.

This home is one of our latest in the Los Angeles market. It is a two bedroom located in the new and super trendy neighborhood of Eagle Rock. This home exudes the california chic lifestyle. These owners really got it right when decorating their vacation rental. They chose items that not only fit the house, but were functional, and perfectly suited to their location, SoCal!

Let’s take a look at some signature pieces in each room. We hope you’re inspired! 

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The Living Room

The first thing to notice is the natural color palette with splashes of color coming from plants, fruits, and other decorative pieces. A natural color palette is great for a vacation rental. It’s soothing, relaxing, and well, inspired by nature, creating a calming atmosphere, perfect for both vacationers or work-travel.

There is plenty of seating in this room, making it an attractive spot to enjoy your time away. Not only is there plenty of places to sit, they give options. You have a nice couch, a large armchair, and of course the table and chairs. This versatility will meet any guests needs, whether they are there for work or for play.


The owners of this property love the following stores.

West Elm


World Market




To both protect their wood floors and amplify their natural vibe, they layered a tweed carpet with rawhide. LOVE. It makes the room cozy and fun. Another element to note is the ample tablespace. Providing enough places to put plates and glasses decreases the chances of floor spills, glasses getting stepped on, etc. As a smart vacation rental host, you want to think about what can go wrong and try to avoid those mishaps by providing solutions to the potential problems. Relax, we can help with that. 🙂

We love how they keep the focus off the TV by populating the walls with all sorts of charming pieces. This awesome cactus piece above the glass commode was one of their first pieces, and actually inspired the decor for the rest of the room. The cactus picture comes from Matters of Space in Highland Park.

Sometimes, all you need is a one great piece to inspire an entire home!


The Bedrooms

As you can see from the pictures, the bedrooms follow the same style as the rest of the home. Natural tones, mixing in western and Native American elements. Again, great inspiration for decorating your vacation rental.

One thing in particular we’d like to point out is the picture to the right of the mirror. This is actually a photo they took while on a trip to Joshua Tree. Adding in personal touches like this makes your vacation rental actually feel like a home. This is a super cool idea if you have photos you’d like to showcase from your own life. They had their photo printed and framed at

We like how they included a hamper in the room. This encourages guests to put dirty towels and sheets in one place, making it easier for cleaners and back-to-back turns. A full-length mirror is always a nice touch as well.

These owners chose white sheets. Because they have outfitted their place with unique furniture and plenty of art and decor, it’s wise to keep it simple with clean, crisp, white sheets.

The second bedroom follows suit. It is clean, simple and cozy. Kind of just makes you want to jump right into those cool sheets and take a siesta, am I right?


The Garden

Who doesn’t adore a fabulous Southern California garden? With such incredible weather year round, it’s always a plus to have an inviting outdoor setup. Let’s take a look at what these owners have done.

First of all, LOVE the orange door. Because their exterior color is again, very natural, they spice up the entrance with a splash of color. Chic and inviting. Next, we can see that they have continued the ‘western’ trend with their plant selection.

Why is this a perfect garden for a vacation rental? Two words – low maintenance. Many of these plants are native to Southern California. They survive well in both heat and sun and do not require loads of water or shade. They look nice and they are functional.



Here are a few of their favorite nurseries:

Echo Garden (Eagle Rock)

Armstrong (Glendale location, best service)

Lincoln Avenue Nursery (Pasadena)

Planta (Highland Park)

La Crescenta (Glendale)

Lowes Garden Center (Palm Springs)

When designing your exterior, select resilient furniture, plants, rugs, etc. The rug underneath the outside table is another great piece adding a little something extra to the space. Their deck and garden overall looks put together and a lovely place to lounge, bbq, and enjoy the California weather.

Finally, we adore this little chair and table. The pillow adds a pop of color and the chair provides additional seating. Consider splashes of color when browns and green dominate the area. You’d be surprised how something so small can transform a space.


Final Thoughts

There is not much more to say other than we think this property exhibits all the elements needed for the perfect vacation rental. Here’s what our Property Experience Manager has to say, “From the moment I stepped into the home I knew it was going to be a slam-dunk.  Why?  Because the owners took the time to make the space both functional & special.  And they did it on a budget which means they will be happily earning a return on their investment right away.  Happy Hosting from Eagle Rock”.  


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