Spring is here!

Even though in some locations (East Coast, cough cough) it may not seem like it, it’s now time to start getting your short-term and/or vacation rental ready for the Spring season!

There is no need for a huge overhaul of your property, just a few minor updates and retouches here and there, which can go along way. The overall goal is to wow your guests and to get those GREAT reviews – because we all know that’s all about the reviews, right?

Here are our top tips for making sure your home is in tip-top shape for all of your new guests this Spring season.

Update your Pillows

Updating your throw pillows are a great way to freshen up any room. Whether on your couch, bed, or in that cute breakfast nook, a nice Spring inspired pillow gives the room a freshened sense to ‘your look.’

Refresh your Bedding

There’s nothing like climbing into a bed with a fresh set of sheets, am I right? If you are really looking to give your guests that sense of feeling at home, invest in a couple of different kinds of sheets. Especially if you live in an area with seasons, seasonal sheets add a touch of authenticity and coziness to your home. For spring, try whites or pastels and throw in some some colorful splashes and textures for a finished look. A well-rested and comfortable guest is a happy guest.

Add a Touch of Green

Green is a happy and relaxing color. Just think about being in a garden. Adding small splashes of green, whether it’s a plant, a vase or a table runner can really add that lighthearted and fresh feel to your property.

Rearrange the Furniture

Update the look and & feel of your home by adjusting the location of some of your main furniture pieces. For example, in the winter, a nice fireplace might be your focal point. However, in Spring, it is nice to let your rooms breathe a little bit. Open up the area by utilizing a more open space. This might mean removing a more wintery piece of furniture, or sometimes just changing the positioning.

Add Some Spring Color

This tip can come in many forms including table accents, throw pillows, art – the opportunities for color are endless! One thing to avoid (unless it is the style you’ve created your home with), do not go overboard with color Too much color can be an eyesore and make the space look cluttered. Splashes are a great way to test the colors you like best in your home.

Spring Clean

This may seem like a given, but a good spring cleaning goes a long way. The winter months are for cozying up by the fire, but Spring is the time to crawl out of hibernation and really spruce up the place. Of course, as a property management company, we take care of all that for you!!!

Add a New Statement Piece (Rug, lighting fixture, art, etc)

Your property is your investment, but so is keeping your guests happy and thrilled with your style and home. A statement piece such as a unique large rug or painting in the common area, makes your vacation home stand out from the rest, adds personality to the home and makes your rental recognizable. Just one cool piece can make the difference between ‘cool’ and ‘WOW’

Get your Carpets Cleaned

A good carpet cleaning is a great idea for any vacation rental. Your home experiences wear and tear throughout the year so cleaning your carpets for Spring makes the house look better, smell better, and can really refresh the entire place. This is especially true for vacation homes that experience a very snowy winter season!

A New Coat of Paint

Seasons put a lot of wear and tear on your house, and after a while, paint tends to become dull and chipped. If you start to see this happening, it’s great to take a proactive approach. A new coat of paint freshens and modernizing your home without breaking the bank.

Feeling adventurous? You might also want to consider putting an accent color on one of your inside walls! This is another cool idea to energize your living space.

Add Some Organizational Elements

As a vacation rental owner, you want to make it easy for your guests to navigate their way through your home and to find everything they are looking for quickly and easily. Table organizers, drawer organizers, etc. make it even easier for your place to always look neat, clean and void of clutter.

As Spring comes into full bloom, take a look at your home or ask your property manager the best advice for transforming your home during this wonderful season.

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