Over 100 million people in the US travel for the holiday season. Snowbirds pack their bags for sandy beaches, adventure-seekers head to the ski resorts, and families seek the perfect vacation rentals to make new memories. All of this and more make the holiday months an extra profitable time for your vacation rental.

Create an even more memorable experience for renters by utilizing the holiday vacation rental tips below. These tips will ensure a smooth holiday season – maybe even an exceptional one! Earn yourself more five-star reviews, attract more guests, and persuade visitors to come back to your vacation rental again next year.

Keep the House at 68 Degrees or Higher

If winter hits your vacation rental with frigid conditions, heating can be a concern. The best temperature for your thermostat in is completely subjective, but we recommend setting it at 68 degrees as a general rule for when your vacation rental is occupied. If the home is unoccupied, shoot for lower temperatures to save a few extra dollars and maximize your profit margin. We recommend smart thermostats such as Nest, which can be controlled from the convenience of your smartphone.  

Keep a List of Local Repairpeople

Extreme temperatures mean that sometimes, incidents are unavoidable. Find out who does repairs in the area of your vacation rental and obtain quotes, reviews and contact information to save yourself a future headache. Keep your list handy and easily accessible throughout the holiday season.

Add a Special Holiday Touch: Local Gift Guide

Create a list of your favorite spots local to your vacation rental for distinctive last-minute gifts, decor and other holiday goodies. Your list might include the best places to get artisan chocolates, the best wrapping paper, or even a gift certificate for a unique local experience – get creative! Don’t forget to include each retailer’s address and relative distance from your vacation rental home.

Designing your list is no problem with free online tools such as Canva and Crello. Print a few color copies (just in case) and laminate them so they can be used for years to come. Your guests who are last-minute shoppers will be sure to enjoy this thoughtful holiday-themed touch.

Decorate with Spirit

Business travelers and families alike will enjoy the charm of a festive vacation rental. Provide guests with extra-cozy pillows and throw blankets, wreaths and decorative string lights, pinecones and snowmen. We recommend decorating your winter wonderland as non-denominational as possible, so your vacation rental will feel inclusive and welcoming to all.

Don’t Forget Winter Activities

For those not used to colder temperatures, ice and snow can be a bit of a bummer. Counteract this by inspiring your guests to make the most of it! Spare mittens, sleds and snowshoes are affordable investments you can provide that can transform a vacation from average to one-of-a-kind. For those who enjoy the indoors, keep board games, a deck of cards and a few good books close by.

These holiday vacation rental tips are easy to execute and highly effective ways to impress your guests. By putting the initial effort in, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor later, when the five star reviews, repeat bookings and recommendations start rolling in. Now that’s a happy holiday!

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