Insurance companies tend to place vacation rentals in the commercial business category, so your homeowners’ insurance or personal insurance will not cover issues that arise. Airbnb offers Host Protection Coverage, a $1 million guarantee, but it is somewhat limited. Simply put, if you have your rental on multiple platforms and vacation rental sites, the best option is to purchase vacation rental insurance so you are always protected.

Here are some of our trusted Airbnb vacation rental insurance providers to get you started:


Vacation Homeowner Protection by RentalGuardian is tailor-made to protect against the unique hazards of your vacation rental business: Replacement cost coverage for your building(s) and for your contents, coverage for damage to your building and contents caused by a guest, loss of income coverage, liability coverage in the event of a guests injury or death, liability coverage extended to your amenities: swimming Pools & Hot Tubs, beach & Picnic Area, Docks & Piers, bicycle. Contact them and you could be covered as soon as 15 minutes. 

CBIZ Specialty Insurance

CBIZ vacation rental insurance can replace your homeowner’s policy and is uniquely designed to be more supplemental coverage. Whatever your property may be (beachfront, penthouse, small bungalow), CBIZ can cover it. Homeowners can be covered from anything such as theft and property damage, to basic amenities and guest issues. You will also be paid out for any loss of rental income. CBIZ offers coverage in all 50 states and is easily creates a perfect policy for whatever you need.

Proper Insurance

Much like CBIZ, Proper creates full coverage policies that replace your homeowner’s policy, covering your vacation rental and its contents, as well as theft, rental income loss, pet policy, and a unique liquor liability. Easy, affordable, and curated to your property’s unique attributes.

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Through hundreds of hosts and thousands of nights, MyVRHost has become a preferred partner for vacation and short-term rental management. How do we do it? We maximize your income by hosting great guests, remove the headaches associated with renting out your home, and combine high-touch customer service with the most advanced technology and pricing algorithms. Simply put, enjoy your life and let guests enjoy your home. 

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