Our expansion continues at MyVRHost, as we welcome our newest market…Nashville!

A major tourist hotspot, Nashville encompasses several key attractions – music, civil war history, museums, and a burgeoning nightlife that rivals New Orleans. The tourism dollars generated have helped cultivate a rich sharing economy – an economy we are so happy to be a part of.

Because of its growth, Nashville curates a unique and surprisingly world-class short-term rental scene. In the last few years, Nashville has experienced tremendous growth in general, major companies are moving their headquarters here –  and in the vacation/short-term rental market – some homeowners, realtors and property managers have expanded their product offering to include vacation and short-term renting.

In fact, Nashville has been the nation’s leader in back-to-back yearly growth on Airbnb. Paired with fantastic homes, apartments, and century old unique properties, Nashville continues to wow us with its success.

Like many other Airbnb and VRBO saturated cities, Nashville has regulations in place to assist with the growth and safety of this market. Interested in listing your home? Apply for a Nashville Metro permit HERE to get started.

Want to find out more about switching your home from long-term to a short-term rental? Check out the pros and cons. You may be able to make more money on short-term, especially in a city like Nashville.

Overall, Nashville presents a real opportunity for those who have a second home, or are thinking about purchasing a second home. Nashville has traffic now! It has graduated from a small town to a real deal city. You can take advantage of this growth while allowing guests to stay in your second home… or your first. You can relax and make extra income while guests enjoy your home and this city – the beauty of the sharing economy.

If you need help in this market, we are here for you…

MyVRHost – Your New Nashville Vacation Rental Management Partner.

Through hundreds of hosts and thousands of nights, MyVRHost has become a preferred partner for vacation and short-term rental management. How do we do it? We maximize your income by hosting great guests, remove the headaches associated with renting out your home, and combine high-touch customer service with the most advanced technology and pricing algorithms. Simply put, enjoy your life and let guests enjoy your home. 

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